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What is a level system?


The primary goals of our Salon Level System within TKO Salon is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for team members and to offer several options for our guests to meet their diverse needs when it comes to salon services. Guests may choose the stylist/level that compliments their requests from skill set to education, and budget.

Model Program/Associate Level

This is a recent graduate currently undergoing our Associate Training Program. During this period, they are assisting TKO Salon Educators/ Master stylists to learn advanced skills, improve efficiency and learn our specific TKO Salon procedures, while servicing their own guests (models) a few hours per week.

Junior Level (L2)

A stylist who is developing their artistry in all principle based design haircuts and color techniques, mastering in a specific skill, and who has completed more advanced training and the New Talent Level expectations.
Once our service providers build a steady clientele demand and achieve industry benchmarks, they are a promoted to Junior Level Stylists. 

Master Level (L4-L6)

These are our advanced stylists and designers whom are certified as a specialist. They have taken many advanced classes and have years of experience in the salon.These stylists also mentor our associate level stylists.

New Talent Level (L1)

A stylist who has completed their initial TKO Salon Training under our master stylists and Local classes. After completing our ‘Associate Training Program’, these stylists graduate to the salon floor and are able to perform all services they offer without 100% guidance and supervision. They are working on perfecting their skill set and timing.Prices for a New Talent services are less than any other level due to their short amount of time in the industry. A New Talent Stylist is NOT someone who is recently licensed cosmetologist, but rather someone who is new to our salon, offering beautiful and budget friendly services. 

Senior Level (L3)

A stylist who has developed their design and coloring skills, working to produce beautiful and artistic outcomes. These advanced stylists have gone through advanced additional training and certifications in all the primary principals as well as their mastery services.

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