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This section will help you understand what service to schedule or how to come to your scheduled appointment. Please feel free to call or email us with questions, book a consultation, or request a virtual consultation. We strive to be color specialists to meet all of your needs and compliment any cut and lifestyle.

Curls Cut Dry or Wet?
Its a preference in technique so choose whichever you prefer!

silver curls.jpeg

The Curly Dry Cut

What are you?

  • Wavy

  • Classic Curly

  • Tight Coily

  • Tight Wavy (think fractal shapes, aka “Kinky Curly”)

Whether wavy, curly, or coily, we want you to enjoy and embrace the natural texture of your hair. We do so by respecting the curl pattern and cutting the hair dry, where it falls.

So, regardless of the variety of curl patterns on your head, your haircut will fall nicely and complement your features. 


This includes consult recap, dry cut, sink time, styling lesson time, and dryer time.


In general, please come to your consultation with your hair set/parted as you would normally wear it. It needs to be DRY, down, and as curly as you prefer it, free of any heavy products or oils. Budget to purchase and take home some products, as we may make some recommendations at your consult and/or at your NEW CLIENT CURLY DRY CUT appointment.


The Wet Curly Cut

What are you?

  • Wavy

  • Classic Curly

  • Tight Coily

  • Tight Wavy (think fractal shapes, aka “Kinky Curly”)


Again either way this ,method will work for you. The wet curly hair cutting method utilizes a technique called, “Carve-and-Slice” and is performed only cutting hair when it is wet. This method is designed to eliminate the undesired triangle shape that is a typical result when curly hair is cut as is for straight hair.


Curls are better cut when damp if using the Carve and Slice technique. The advantage of cutting on damp hair instead of dry curls is that it allows the stylist to better understand your natural curl pattern and, in turn, give a more effective cut. Our experts agree that most curl types should be cut on an angle. For tight curls, uneven layering works best. Make certain your cut doesn’t flatten your crown. To avoid a flat top, try a short layer under a longer layer to pump up the volume. 

First time appointment or new desired look

Time: 90 min

Custom curl cut based on texture, density, headshape, desired look, and lifestyle 

Styling lesson

Product evaluation / education

Detox and hydrate treatment



Curly Express Cut - no wash and style  45min $45

Curly cut refresh and revive with shampoo and style 60min $65


Curl reinvented style with shorted product/styling method (existing guests) 75 min $65


-add curl detox and hydrate for $10

Appointment Options

Highlights vs. balayage???





A platinum card is essentially a modern version of bleach and tones. The difference is that a bleach and tone isn't insulated in a foil. A platinum card is encased in foils to create optimal lift getting very dark hair as light as possible in one appointment.

platinum card.jpg

Fantasy Colors


If you are considering a color quite different from what you have now, please schedule a complimentary consultation to have a stylist evaluate the current condition of your hair and to describe the steps it will require to get the look you want as well as the cost. Bring pictures if you have seen something that you think would be fun to have. Together you can decide the next step. Ask about the upkeep required as some colors require more frequent maintenance to keep them looking fantastic. And no matter what color you choose, you will want your hair to be healthy, beautiful soft and shiny. 

First hair will have to be lightened of most if not all color similar to a platinum card or color correction.

These colors can be hard to maintain so expect to follow these steps

  1. Avoid rinsing with hot water 

  2. Be consistent with salon visits

  3. Invest in salon quality products

Curly hair

Traditional highlights use a foiling technique in which strands of hair are lightened from root to the ends in a specific sectioning pattern leaving some natural hair in between each foil. 

Balayage is also a lightening technique that involves freehand painting and most of the time, no foils. It creates a multi-tonal and multi-dimensional look. This is achieved because lighter pieces are blended throughout starting very fine throughout the base of the hair and gradually getting thicker towards the ends. This is a more lived in look or ribbons of color.

Platinum Card

fantasy color.jpg
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